My New Favorite: Oil Diffusing

Happy Monday!

How are you guys doing? Anything new? Tell me! I hope your week is off to a wonderful start.

My goal of getting up at 7 every day is currently failing and I have no clue why. Any tips for waking up early? I could really use some.

Okay so if you read my recent post where I talk about ways to de-stress (here), I mentioned that I have an oil diffuser and six different oils to go with it! I have Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, and Peppermint.

essential oils
{My pretty little oils.}

Right now I’m laying on my bed with my oil diffuser on slowly spewing eucalyptus oil into my room. So relaxing. Good for anxiety. Good for nerves. Purifies the air. I love it.

I’ll do a separate post on oils and their benefits when I do some more research and test out the other oils I have in my collection. Too obsessed with eucalyptus to try much else right now.

essential oils
{Eucalyptus is the bomb dot com}

The main reason I started oil diffusing is for nerves and if I have any stomach/digestive issues, there are good oils to diffuse for that. They can also help give you a restful sleep, purify the air around your space (my boyfriend had used it in his office because he has insane allergies), up your mood (NEED), and just make things smell awesome. [VIA]

So my diffuser is from Amazon. I’ll link it below. It’s from InnoGear. It works very well. When the oil is done diffusing it shuts off by itself. No stress. No worries. It does it all for you. It also has a funky light, which I don’t usually turn on because I like to sleep in total darkness or else I’ll be up all night. But it’s still nice for nighttime ambiance. 

So let’s dive into how to use it. It’s super easy.

I wouldn’t use it if it was complicated, trust.

?Step 1: Water

Just pour water right into the chamber. There should be a fill line and I usually fill it up to the line or halfway up for a shorter diffuse sesh. Sometimes I just fill it up to the line and let the thing diffuse while I’m out running errands, even, so that when I come back my room smells amaze.


?Step 2: Oil

Right into the water. I put about 5 drops. Sometimes I like to mix them too so I think the max amount of drops I would use is probably about 7 or 8. Anything more is just overkill.

oil diffuser

?Step 3: Turn it on!

Put the top chamber piece on and slide it into place, then press MIST. If you press it once, it lets out oil in 30-second increments. If you press it again, it does a constant stream (I prefer this one).

essential oils
{I try to keep my nightstand super minimal}

And there you have it! Easy, right? I normally turn mine on at night when I’m getting ready for bed so that I can calm down and relax, and then I turn it back on as soon as I wake up so that I can start the day with a good mood!

Do you diffuse oils too? What oils are your faves? Do you mix them at all? I want to hear about it.

Talk soon!

XX Gitana

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5 Podcasts I’m Super Into Right Now

Hey hey.


So to get straight to it, I think posts to the blog are going to start coming in once a week until I can get school under control. Blah!

If you read my last post you heard all about my hell week where I had to miss an entire week of school, which is no bueno if you’re trying to maintain straight As. I also have two papers that I need to think about writing super soon. So as I try to de-stress while getting my shiz done at the same time, I’m going to try to maintain at least a once a week post on Books and Bellinis.

Sound good? Cool.

So lately I’ve been trying to incorporate podcast listening into my daily routine. It’s a little difficult because it’s not like I can listen to it while I do my school work (which takes up a lot of my time). However, I find that in the morning, instead of watching TV, just popping on a podcast instead, maybe as I clean my room or get ready for my day. In the car is another opportunity as well, or maybe while I go for a walk I can listen to one.

In an effort to get myself motivated to listen to podcasts more often, I thought I would share 5 podcasts that I either listen to right now or plan on listening to very soon.


Does anyone else listen to podcasts? Any suggestions for channels you like? Let me know!


✨TSC Him & Her Podcast✨

Okay so you all know my love for Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential and how much I have a crush on her blog. Well, a few months ago she started her podcast and I’m so proud of how far she’s come, really. She talks about all kinds of realness (nothing is ever really too TMI for me anyway), as well as how she promotes and develops her brand and business. Her fiance Michael is always on there as well and I think they work really well together while presenting male and female perspectives to their listeners. They have guests on their podcasts and are about to start taking in live callers which I think is totally awesome because it creates more of an intimacy with TSC and its followers! You all should definitely give it a listen.


✨The BEE Podcast✨

I don’t think I’ve ever really said it on the blog, but I LOVE American Psycho (the book/the movie is cool too). Bret Easton Ellis (the author) has his own podcast where he discusses all things film, music, and tv along with some criticism on millennials (he calls them generation wuss, which I find hilarious and almost accurate). Every episode has a guest with whom he discusses these things. Normally these guests are directors, actors, musicians, tv stars, etc. I find this podcast to be informative and thought provoking, which I enjoy very much.


✨Medieval Archives✨

So in school I’m studying Medieval literature, and I’ve always wanted to know what separates the rumors from the real as far as how the people of Medieval times actually lived. Upon searching through the podcast directory, I was able to find Medieval Archives and its description seemed to be just what I was looking for. It’s about 80 episodes deep right now so I’m hoping to put a good dent in it soon!



✨Breakdown & Accused✨

So I’m a huge sucker for murder mysteries, and I didn’t know that they were so popular on Podcasts! I had listened to Sarah Koenig’s Serial podcast (season 1) and loved that the story was unfolded to me so masterfully over the 10 ish episodes. The second season didn’t really grab me in the beginning so I abandoned it but I digress.


So I’m ready to give Breakdown and Accused a chance. Both of them do a similar thing that Serial did where they present you with these crimes and unfold the mystery and complications surrounding them throughout the investigation, over the course of about 10 episodes. I’m actually really excited to start on these!


And those are my podcasts that I’m pretty psyched about right now. Again let me know if you have any suggestions for others to subscribe to!

Hope everyone is having a good week and looking forward to some cool weekend plans! I’m going to be stuck studying all weekend, unfortunately. I have two papers I have to start researching for as well as a TON of reading to catch up on!

Wish me luck!

XX Gitana

My Hell Week + More Ways To Relax


Hey Hey.

For those just tuning in, I had to take the entire week off last week due to a very debilitating lumbar puncture headache… I’ll get into more of that in a minute though.

It really sucks that I had to abandon everything for a whole week. But I have to admit, it is nice to take a little break to yourself, have some “you” time, and just let everything go for a bit. It helped me recharge in a way.

{My new love — Yogurt and Honey}

Honestly though, guys, I thought I was dying. For real. It feels like a miracle that I’m even up right now and walking around and even typing this stuff out to you all. I thought I’d never get back to this point. But like I said, more on that later.

So one of the good things about my week off was that I was able to discover several things that helped me wind down and relax. Let me share some with you all!


✨Oil Diffusing✨

I now have an oil diffuser and it’s the cutest thing ever. It glows different colors that are calming and tranquil and you can set it to stream a nice flow of oil vapor. The oils I’m loving right now are Tea Tree and Eucalyptus. Looking to relax before bed? Put a few drops of lavender in there and let it work its magic.

I’ll do another post on it if you guys are interested! Let me know what you think!



Not just yoga during the day, but RIGHT BEFORE BED. This past week I’ve been having some nights where I just can’t get any sleep because I’m so restless and unable to calm down. Aside from doing meditation (Stop, Breathe & Think app. I’m telling you.), I’ve been a huge fan of doing a few yoga stretches before laying down to sleep. Right there on top of my bed (what could be a better place, right?).

Interested? This article really helped me find a good sequence to do before bed and I find myself going to sleep feeling calm and relaxed instead of the usual agitation, stress, anxiety, etc.



There’s this really beautiful nature park near my house (perhaps you’ve seen some of my nature posts on Insta recently). Going on walks there has really helped me to not only get some good exercise worked into my routine, but it also helps me to calm down and feel less anxious. It’s amazing what can be solved with a nice walk. It helped a LOT when I was trying to get my blood pressure up a bit so I could gain some relief from my headaches I was experiencing from my lumbar puncture.

{The park near my house}

Which brings me to my HORRIBLE week that I had last week. I’ll give you the run down. So basically, two weeks ago, I was having really bad headaches, all of a sudden. Out of nowhere, pretty much. I was getting so worried about them that I went to the ER to get a CT scan, to make sure I didn’t have a tumor or anything really serious. I didn’t. Also, the doctor there wanted to give me a lumbar puncture to make sure I didn’t have a brain bleed. Yay.

What’s a lumbar puncture? Basically you lay on your side and bring your knees to your chest and the doctor inserts a needle into your spine and takes out FOUR VIALS OF SPINAL FLUID.

Yeah. Not fun.

And the side effects of the puncture are SEVERE headaches that can last up to two weeks! Thankfully mine only lasted about a week and a half. But they’re horrible. Worse than the headaches I had to begin with! You can only resolve these lumbar puncture headaches by restoring the spinal fluid they took out.

With much Googling, I found out that consuming caffeine, water, salt, and taking part in some exercise (to raise blood pressure) are all helpful things to do.

bullet journal
{My new weekly spread in the BuJo}

I had to miss an ENTIRE week of school, which depressed me a lot. I hate being behind in school. Missing even one day is detrimental for me.

So the rest of this week is going to be a TON of reading.

Wish me luck!

XX Gitana

{Little Things} My Sudden Love For Fall

Heyy guys.

Okay so I used to HATE fall. Hate it. But this year, I love it. I have no idea why the sudden change, but I love fall now. 

Let me tell you why I used to hate it though. The beginning of fall means that the weather is now going to be dry (I used to have chronic chapped lips to the MAX as a kid), Santa Ana Winds will be happening (SO gross…), the days will be getting shorter, and we’re going to have weird weather bipolarity (super cold in the morning, BURNING during the day, then back to freezing at night), you get the picture.

I used to hate it and just want to skip ahead to winter pretty much.

But you know what?? I love it this year. Something inside me flipped a switch and I love it.

So I got inspired to compile a list:


The things I love about fall

(can you believe seasons aren’t capitalized?? weird.)


Four words: Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino

If you saw my snapchat and insta stories in recent weeks, you know that the way to my heart is a SCMF with EXTRA salt. I have no idea why. Fall is the perfect season for this blend of flavors to start ramping back up though.



Remember this photo from my post on unplugging??



My mom is the QUEEN of soup-making. Three days ago I asked her to make my favorite soup in the world: Escarole! She puts these yummy sausage slices in it too and it’s just the perfect blend of healthy yum-ness. (I put extra salt in this too. HA)


Wardrobe change

Honest, fall is the moment where I can start wearing black till my birthday (March), and I’m totally fine with that. A black/dark wardrobe is my absolute favorite kind. And my wardrobe looks WAY better in the fall/winter. Which is a me problem obviously. But still.


Tea becomes more necessary

Whether it’s to kick a cold, help me get to sleep and de-stress, or just to warm up my insides, tea is way more enjoyable during the colder times of the year (this could really double as a “reasons I love fall AND winter” list).


Fall colors

I love watching the leaves turn red and die and fall down (so I can crunch them of course). That previous line sounded a little half emo but really, fall seems like the perfect time to get my butt in gear (as leaves are dying?) and organize things, sort things out, plan for things, and stuff like that. I don’t even wear fall colors but I like watching them. If that makes sense?


Rex + Lucy (They love cold seasons even more than I do)


More indoor activities!

I’ve mentioned this before but I’ve always been an indoor cat. I was never big on sports (playing or viewing) and I always opted for reading in my room over most things.

Now with fall, I don’t have to worry about sweating my butt off because my house is getting too hot (like summer). Instead, I can sit comfortably on my couch and do some little indoor activities, like breaking out the crochet hook and crocheting some blankets in front of the tv.

Side note: I miss crocheting. I used to do it a LOT and for some reason fell out of the swing of it. But I’m going to get back to it because it was a very good way to de-stress for SURE.


san diego
Indoor activities like practicing my photo editing! Recognize this photo? It’s from my San Diego post!


What do YOU enjoy about fall? Any ideas for fall couple activities? I told Joey that he and I need a hobby that we can do together so throw some ideas out there please please please!!


As seen on my Insta 🙂

I have to finish reading Frankenstein before class tonight. But at least the weather is pleasant to where I won’t be sweating as I read!

Talk soon. XX Gitana