Triangl Bikini Review

Good afternoon everyone!

Recently, I posted on my insta a picture of my new bikini from Triangl and mentioned that I’d possibly do a post on it.

And here it is!


I mainly wanted to do this post just to add to the pretty huge discussion that’s already out there about how to buy these things and how to pick the right size. They only sell these babies online so it can be tough to pick the right sizes…

And you NEED to pick the right one because I’m not sure how much shipping costs to have to ship it back all the way to AUSTRALIA (where the company is based). I think shipping it here to So Cal was $20!

Now let’s get into it.

You might have seen these bikinis on the internet over the years. Bright colors. Bold piping. Super cute. Photos with girls holding pineapples and sporting their Triangls. You know.


I first saw these a few years ago on Tumblr and after much research I saw that they were pretty well-known, especially in the blogger community. The Skinny Confidential (my favorite blog ever) even did a post on HER blog raving about them!

So I looked them up some more. Like I said, this was a while ago (year to year and a half). I wasn’t too into the color options they had at the time, and I was skeptical about the suits based on a couple reviews I had heard about them.

However, about a month ago, I saw Morgan Stewart (Rich Kids of Bev Hills) wearing HER Triangl suits and raving about them, so I decided to give them a shot. How bad could they be if she’s not experiencing any difficulty with them either!?

So Joey helped me research which one to get and bought one for me to try out!
(The same one that Morgan Stewart has been wearing on her snaps lately –“Delilah” style in yellow on the site)


Okay so I’m a full B cup size in bras and between a size 4 and 6 in bottoms. Triangl offers top sizes for a full B so I decided on that pretty easily.
If you’re in between sizes for bottoms, I heard that going with the bigger size is best because it’s still a snug fit either way (these suits don’t stretch!). Mediums in bottoms are a size 6 and I’m around a 5 so I went with the size up (so Medium).

They came in the mail rather quickly so I was excited when they got here. The bottoms fit perf and the top fits great too.
Warning: the circumference of the tops are not adjustable (the straps are though) which may be kind of a deal breaker for some people.

The suit material feels completely fine and isn’t uncomfortable at all. And it stays snug on your body so no gaping, which is usually an ish I have with suits.
Some people get worried that the bottoms are going to get too insulated and hot and sweaty but they’re actually just fine.

I STRONGLY urge you guys to keep this suit stored in a nice flat space because THE NEOPRENE GETS CREASED SO EASILY. That’s the ONLY qualm I have about this suit. Other than that, it’s super adorable. Triangl has so many more options than a year and a half ago.

trianglLOOK at the cute bag they give you to keep your suit in!! EEEK!

I hope you guys liked this review. If you have any questions DO NOT hesitate to ask me!
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I’m off to do some more gallivanting in Santa Barbs.