{Little Things} My Sudden Love For Fall

Heyy guys.

Okay so I used to HATE fall. Hate it. But this year, I love it. I have no idea why the sudden change, but I love fall now. 

Let me tell you why I used to hate it though. The beginning of fall means that the weather is now going to be dry (I used to have chronic chapped lips to the MAX as a kid), Santa Ana Winds will be happening (SO gross…), the days will be getting shorter, and we’re going to have weird weather bipolarity (super cold in the morning, BURNING during the day, then back to freezing at night), you get the picture.

I used to hate it and just want to skip ahead to winter pretty much.

But you know what?? I love it this year. Something inside me flipped a switch and I love it.

So I got inspired to compile a list:


The things I love about fall

(can you believe seasons aren’t capitalized?? weird.)


Four words: Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino

If you saw my snapchat and insta stories in recent weeks, you know that the way to my heart is a SCMF with EXTRA salt. I have no idea why. Fall is the perfect season for this blend of flavors to start ramping back up though.



Remember this photo from my post on unplugging??



My mom is the QUEEN of soup-making. Three days ago I asked her to make my favorite soup in the world: Escarole! She puts these yummy sausage slices in it too and it’s just the perfect blend of healthy yum-ness. (I put extra salt in this too. HA)


Wardrobe change

Honest, fall is the moment where I can start wearing black till my birthday (March), and I’m totally fine with that. A black/dark wardrobe is my absolute favorite kind. And my wardrobe looks WAY better in the fall/winter. Which is a me problem obviously. But still.


Tea becomes more necessary

Whether it’s to kick a cold, help me get to sleep and de-stress, or just to warm up my insides, tea is way more enjoyable during the colder times of the year (this could really double as a “reasons I love fall AND winter” list).


Fall colors

I love watching the leaves turn red and die and fall down (so I can crunch them of course). That previous line sounded a little half emo but really, fall seems like the perfect time to get my butt in gear (as leaves are dying?) and organize things, sort things out, plan for things, and stuff like that. I don’t even wear fall colors but I like watching them. If that makes sense?


Rex + Lucy (They love cold seasons even more than I do)


More indoor activities!

I’ve mentioned this before but I’ve always been an indoor cat. I was never big on sports (playing or viewing) and I always opted for reading in my room over most things.

Now with fall, I don’t have to worry about sweating my butt off because my house is getting too hot (like summer). Instead, I can sit comfortably on my couch and do some little indoor activities, like breaking out the crochet hook and crocheting some blankets in front of the tv.

Side note: I miss crocheting. I used to do it a LOT and for some reason fell out of the swing of it. But I’m going to get back to it because it was a very good way to de-stress for SURE.


san diego
Indoor activities like practicing my photo editing! Recognize this photo? It’s from my San Diego post!


What do YOU enjoy about fall? Any ideas for fall couple activities? I told Joey that he and I need a hobby that we can do together so throw some ideas out there please please please!!


As seen on my Insta 🙂

I have to finish reading Frankenstein before class tonight. But at least the weather is pleasant to where I won’t be sweating as I read!

Talk soon. XX Gitana