My Hell Week + More Ways To Relax


Hey Hey.

For those just tuning in, I had to take the entire week off last week due to a very debilitating lumbar puncture headache… I’ll get into more of that in a minute though.

It really sucks that I had to abandon everything for a whole week. But I have to admit, it is nice to take a little break to yourself, have some “you” time, and just let everything go for a bit. It helped me recharge in a way.

{My new love — Yogurt and Honey}

Honestly though, guys, I thought I was dying. For real. It feels like a miracle that I’m even up right now and walking around and even typing this stuff out to you all. I thought I’d never get back to this point. But like I said, more on that later.

So one of the good things about my week off was that I was able to discover several things that helped me wind down and relax. Let me share some with you all!


✨Oil Diffusing✨

I now have an oil diffuser and it’s the cutest thing ever. It glows different colors that are calming and tranquil and you can set it to stream a nice flow of oil vapor. The oils I’m loving right now are Tea Tree and Eucalyptus. Looking to relax before bed? Put a few drops of lavender in there and let it work its magic.

I’ll do another post on it if you guys are interested! Let me know what you think!



Not just yoga during the day, but RIGHT BEFORE BED. This past week I’ve been having some nights where I just can’t get any sleep because I’m so restless and unable to calm down. Aside from doing meditation (Stop, Breathe & Think app. I’m telling you.), I’ve been a huge fan of doing a few yoga stretches before laying down to sleep. Right there on top of my bed (what could be a better place, right?).

Interested? This article really helped me find a good sequence to do before bed and I find myself going to sleep feeling calm and relaxed instead of the usual agitation, stress, anxiety, etc.



There’s this really beautiful nature park near my house (perhaps you’ve seen some of my nature posts on Insta recently). Going on walks there has really helped me to not only get some good exercise worked into my routine, but it also helps me to calm down and feel less anxious. It’s amazing what can be solved with a nice walk. It helped a LOT when I was trying to get my blood pressure up a bit so I could gain some relief from my headaches I was experiencing from my lumbar puncture.

{The park near my house}

Which brings me to my HORRIBLE week that I had last week. I’ll give you the run down. So basically, two weeks ago, I was having really bad headaches, all of a sudden. Out of nowhere, pretty much. I was getting so worried about them that I went to the ER to get a CT scan, to make sure I didn’t have a tumor or anything really serious. I didn’t. Also, the doctor there wanted to give me a lumbar puncture to make sure I didn’t have a brain bleed. Yay.

What’s a lumbar puncture? Basically you lay on your side and bring your knees to your chest and the doctor inserts a needle into your spine and takes out FOUR VIALS OF SPINAL FLUID.

Yeah. Not fun.

And the side effects of the puncture are SEVERE headaches that can last up to two weeks! Thankfully mine only lasted about a week and a half. But they’re horrible. Worse than the headaches I had to begin with! You can only resolve these lumbar puncture headaches by restoring the spinal fluid they took out.

With much Googling, I found out that consuming caffeine, water, salt, and taking part in some exercise (to raise blood pressure) are all helpful things to do.

bullet journal
{My new weekly spread in the BuJo}

I had to miss an ENTIRE week of school, which depressed me a lot. I hate being behind in school. Missing even one day is detrimental for me.

So the rest of this week is going to be a TON of reading.

Wish me luck!

XX Gitana