My New Favorite: Oil Diffusing

Happy Monday!

How are you guys doing? Anything new? Tell me! I hope your week is off to a wonderful start.

My goal of getting up at 7 every day is currently failing and I have no clue why. Any tips for waking up early? I could really use some.

Okay so if you read my recent post where I talk about ways to de-stress (here), I mentioned that I have an oil diffuser and six different oils to go with it! I have Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, and Peppermint.

essential oils
{My pretty little oils.}

Right now I’m laying on my bed with my oil diffuser on slowly spewing eucalyptus oil into my room. So relaxing. Good for anxiety. Good for nerves. Purifies the air. I love it.

I’ll do a separate post on oils and their benefits when I do some more research and test out the other oils I have in my collection. Too obsessed with eucalyptus to try much else right now.

essential oils
{Eucalyptus is the bomb dot com}

The main reason I started oil diffusing is for nerves and if I have any stomach/digestive issues, there are good oils to diffuse for that. They can also help give you a restful sleep, purify the air around your space (my boyfriend had used it in his office because he has insane allergies), up your mood (NEED), and just make things smell awesome. [VIA]

So my diffuser is from Amazon. I’ll link it below. It’s from InnoGear. It works very well. When the oil is done diffusing it shuts off by itself. No stress. No worries. It does it all for you. It also has a funky light, which I don’t usually turn on because I like to sleep in total darkness or else I’ll be up all night. But it’s still nice for nighttime ambiance. 

So let’s dive into how to use it. It’s super easy.

I wouldn’t use it if it was complicated, trust.

?Step 1: Water

Just pour water right into the chamber. There should be a fill line and I usually fill it up to the line or halfway up for a shorter diffuse sesh. Sometimes I just fill it up to the line and let the thing diffuse while I’m out running errands, even, so that when I come back my room smells amaze.


?Step 2: Oil

Right into the water. I put about 5 drops. Sometimes I like to mix them too so I think the max amount of drops I would use is probably about 7 or 8. Anything more is just overkill.

oil diffuser

?Step 3: Turn it on!

Put the top chamber piece on and slide it into place, then press MIST. If you press it once, it lets out oil in 30-second increments. If you press it again, it does a constant stream (I prefer this one).

essential oils
{I try to keep my nightstand super minimal}

And there you have it! Easy, right? I normally turn mine on at night when I’m getting ready for bed so that I can calm down and relax, and then I turn it back on as soon as I wake up so that I can start the day with a good mood!

Do you diffuse oils too? What oils are your faves? Do you mix them at all? I want to hear about it.

Talk soon!

XX Gitana

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